UCA Spring Meeting Feb 26, 2022

Agenda and Schedule 

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8:00-8:30 – Check in and Chat 

8:30 – Welcome 

8:35-9:25 – Panel 1: “Approaches to Teaching and Textual Criticism” 

Alec Smitten, USU, “Editing the Heroica Eulogia: An Exercise in Textual Criticism” 

Claire Oberle, Madeleine Choir School, & Chris Wilson, American Fork High School, “Grammar-Translation, Reading Comprehension, and Comprehensible Input in K-12 Latin Programs” 

9:25-9:45 – UCA Business Meeting 

  • Financial Report + Grant Update 
  • CAMWS 2023 
  • D.E.S.Troy 
  • Elections 

– Break 

9:50-10:40 – Panel 2: “Projections of Power and Piety” 

Laura Horan, UCLA, “Subversion in Silver: The senate bust of Pulcheria c. 414” 

Clayton Nehring, USU, “Breaking New Ground: The Daimonion of Socrates and Personal Divine Guidance in Ancient Greek Religion” 

– Break 

10:50-12:00 – Presidential Panel: “Classics and Gaming” 

Alvaro Ibarra, USU, “We who are about to Game Salute You” 

Meaghan Nielson-Brown, APA, “Siege! An adaptable Multi-player Game for the Classroom” 

Chuck Oughton, BYU, “Playing the Game: (Re)Constructing and Narrativizing Antiquity through Board Games” 

12:00 – 12:30 – CE Teacher Meeting 

– CE teachers: please stay online after the meeting to chat with Prof. Damen! 

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