Spring Meeting Announcement

Salvete plurimum!


The Spring Meeting

The time has come for our next UCA meeting! We will be holding another virtual meeting again, and are just around the corner: The event is scheduled for Saturday, March 6th. The Zoom meeting will open at 8:30am for attendees to join, settle in, and catch up with friends and colleagues. Then we will start business and presentations promptly at 9:00am.


We’ve been busy!

Since our Fall 2020 meeting, we, the UCA presidency, have met periodically to discuss items generated from the membership in attendance at the last meeting, namely:

  • necessary constitutional amendments
  • questions regarding becoming a tax-deductible organization
  • a process for teachers and students to apply for UCA-funded grants
  • a database for sharing resources among UCA members
  • a stable UCA website

We are excited to share the progress we have made in these areas. N.B. In the meeting, we will vote as a membership on the constitutional amendments the presidency has made. Please preview these amendments here: click here


Call for Papers and Presentations

We encourage you to share a paper or presentation at the spring meeting. If you have an academic paper, a new pedagogical approach you have attempted recently, or a classic resource that has worked for years, we want to hear about it! Please email Chris Wilson at cwilson1@alpinedistrict.org with your presentation requests, and he will add you to the docket.


Mark your calendars! We look forward to hearing from you and joining with you in an enlightening, bolstering conference.


Curate ut valeatis!


The UCA Presidency

Chris Wilson, president

Seth Jeppesen, former president

Chuck Oughton, president elect

Thom Manning, secretary

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