UCA Spring Meeting March 18, 2023

Salvete Omnes,

  This Saturday is the UCA Spring Conference on the University of Utah campus. We will be in the LNCO building Room 1945. It is easiest to approach from the ground floor on the West side of the building. https://map.utah.edu/

 For those attending digitally, the link is here. Should the link fail, the meeting ID is  505 778 9377, The Passcode is 3.14159

Here is the schedule of events

8:30-9:00: arrive, socialize, and enjoy some light breakfast foods

9:00-9:20: Welcome, UCA Business, deal with tech issues

9:20-9:40: Sue Shapiro of USU  “Latin Redux: A Second-Year Latin Grammar Review”

9:40-10:00: Alec Smitten of USU   “Arash & Achilles: A Comparative Approach to Epic Heroes”

10:00-10:20: Break, finish snacks, socialize

10:20-10:40: Jonathan Hanna of BYU “To Call by Name: The semantics of a Homeric speech formula”

10:40-11:00: Katie Johnson of BYU  “The Tales Threads Tell- An examination of the clothing within The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity

11:00-11:20 Thom Manning of CHHS: Latin Pedagogy via Song

11:20-11:40: Passing of the Gladius, voting for new Future president, scheduling of next conference, and closing.

11:50: Meeting of CE teachers working with USU. 

We look forward to your presence.

Thom Manning

Utah Classical Association President

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